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This year 2016 I will be teaching at Bonita Art League:

Class name: (ROB011216 Painting-Collaborative Art: The Bigger Picture Robbolino)

Six Degrees of Separation

This course will be one of working individually, but also together in the end result. You will learn from the basic skills to accomplish a painting that you can be proud of but also connect on a larger scale with one another in this class. I will teach you how to lay out the rendering and composition for the painting you will choose to be working on. You will also be learning the skills of making a painting have more impact with the manipulation of color and contrast, shadowing and highlights. There will be something to learn in this class for everyone from beginners to advanced students.  But this class will be more than just drawing and painting, you will be only separated by six degrees and your painting will coordinate with your class mates painting, you will connect in a way that you have never connected with another fellow artist in your class before, and no matter how long after this class you will always be connect to one another’s artwork. This class will be fun, intuitive, and dynamic. I will work with you on an individual basis but in a class environment so that we can complete this painting all together.

I hope you will join this intriguing class of “Six Degrees of Separation” and be a bigger part of the picture!


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